Towards the Sunlight

by The Eclectic Guitar Orchestra

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All tracks are 100% donated by the artists

All proceeds to leukaemia charities (Anthony Nolan Trust and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research)

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released April 20, 2015

Produced by Milton Mermikides
Performed by The Eclectic Guitar Orchestra
All rights reserved and respected



all rights reserved


The Eclectic Guitar Orchestra London, UK

A cohort of classical and jazz guitarists (with help from some other friends) who share a love of a wide range of music. All proceeds from concerts and CD sales go directly to leukaemia charities.

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Track Name: George Hrab - When I Was Your Age
When I was your age
The phone was tied to the wall
With a kinky twisty
Three and a half foot cord

It's hard to believe
But it had a
Ring that could not be
Turned off or ignored

We couldn't choose the sound
Of the ring
It was just the sound
That we called "the phone"
We'd never heard of a ring tone

When I was your age
Our video games looked nothing
Like the illustration
On the box

All of the graphics
Consisted of
Nothing more than
Simple lines and dots

Missles were just a few pixels
And the jungle swinging guy
Was a stick figure
Nothing bigger

When I was your age
When I was your age

When I was your age
We had this stuff called film
You would stick in a camera
Before you took a shot

And then you had to
Wait like a week
Til you could tell what
Pictures you got

You would hand the film
To a guy in a parking lot
Who lived in a booth
Yeah it's the truth

When I was your age
You had to wait til a movie
Was either in the theater
Or on TV

You couldn't rent an adventure
If you wanted adventure
You just had to
Wait and see

Once you were watching you couldn't
Stop or pause
Or even try to rewind
But we didn't mind

When I was your age
When I was your age

You see me as a grown up
Singing from the stage
I bet you can't belive
I was ever your age

When I was your age
I loved Star Wars but I
Hear you love watching
Star Wars more than me

I wanted to be Indiana Jones and Dr. Jones
Is who you aspire to be
And I liked playing Battleship
And Battleship is currently
Your favorite game
I guess some things are the same

When I was your age
I didn't like doing homework
But when it was finished
It always felt real good

I didn't like brushing my teeth
But I brushed my teeth because
Bert and Ernie said that I should

I didn't like listening to Mom
Though I knew deep inside
It was the right thing to do
And so do you
You know what's true?
Before you can say "boo"

You'll be my age too